At PAGS we believe in every learner's potential. Our psychosocial analysis tool provides invaluable insights into their unique needs, empowering you to create targeted intervention plans that nurture both academic growth and personal development.

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Our journey

Once there was a world without PAGS®

At PAGS®, we're passionate about empowering learners with diverse needs. Our founder, Feliciea, dedicated many years to supporting children with autism, SLD, MLD, severe challenging behavior, and other needs in independent SEND schools in the UK.  Her journey within the realm of special education led to the development of PAGS®.

Our team has worked tirelessly alongside SENCO and SEND headteachers to better understand your needs. The dedicated efforts have enabled us to capture and address developmental challenges, learning difficulties, anxieties, and other obstacles, providing you with a comprehensive approach to assessing and monitoring the needs of your learners.

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Problems requiring a solution

Here’s why we embarked on this epic journey to create PAGS®:

  • SEN learners need personalised support, but navigating through the numerous solutions is a daunting process
  • Efficiently tracking the SEN journey leads to improved outcomes, but paper usage has inherent limitations
  • Capturing small steps of progress in hard-to-measure areas presents significant challenges
  • Having a central point of information sharing and collaboration is crucial in maintaining continuity and consistency. Yet, information often gets lost during transition
  • The focus tends to be on addressing developmental needs but identifying and leveraging strengths is equally important
  • SEN learners require timely intervention, yet there’s limited manpower and a growing waiting list for EHCPs
  • The ever-increasing time & budget constraints mean that schools require a cost-effective solution
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The Epiphany

The lived experience of one of our dedicated SENCOs encompasses the essence of PAGS. When his son made the difficult decision to leave school, it was a bitter moment but not surprising. He had spent several years being defined by his dyslexia. School seemed to be about what he couldn’t do: write, spell, keep up with the text.

As his challenges grew, so did the amount of writing tasks, intensifying his frustration and anxiety. In this deficit model, he became defined by his condition. Remarkable strengths like being able to calculate volume and irregular areas in his head with ease, or the fact that he could see the answer to a lateral problem while others were still reading went unnoticed. Unlike PAGS®, his school missed his strengths and only saw the gaps. And unlike PAGS®, they measured him against his class instead of against himself.

Such experiences and more are the driving force behind PAGS. 

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PAGS® is at the heart of this movement
  • PAGS® has a mission that’s as important as any mission you can find.  PAGS® intends to empower people to become productive members of society.
  • In the UK alone £2 million is spent supporting each autistic adult, when only 16% are in full time work, and 77% tell us they want to work, and have the skills to excel in many work environments.
  • PAGS® helps to close the gaps between the diverse and the typical.  We know from research and from our own personal experience that we need a more diverse, open, and inclusive society so that everyone has a chance to be the best they can be.  PAGS® is at the heart of this movement.
  • PAGS® is a dynamic and collaborative initiative that is constantly evolving, with a growing group of SENCOs, professionals and researchers pooling a wealth of experience.
  • PAGS® is for everyone. Our team will guide and support you onto a journey of discovery and empowerment for every learner.
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Meet the team!

Behind PAGS stands a strong team of professionals committed to helping
you and your learners reach your SEN goals.
Feliciea Jibson
Feliciea Jibson
Founder & CEO
Stephen Close
Stephen Close
Product Manager
Josianne Pisani
Josianne Pisani
Content Developer
Oliver Meaning
Oliver Meaning
Account Manager
Rebecca Hale
Rebecca Hale
PAGS Trainer
Jan Ghys
Jan Ghys
Strategic Advisor
Kalpana Jegendirabose
Kalpana Jegendirabose
Education Consultant
Dr Martin Bloomfield
Dr Martin Bloomfield
Neurodiversity Consultant European Projects